Cast Iron Electrodes Alpha Castalloy Nickel


Characteristics :

ALPHA CAST ALLOY NICKEL is a light coated electrode depositing pure nickel, designed for welding cast iron in the cold way. The nickel weld deposit which bonds thoroughly with the cast iron, is soft and ductile and can be easily machined or filed to desired shape. The tensile strength of the weld metal is adequate fore cast iron. Its main characteristics are stable and quiet arc, negligible spatter, easy and intimate fusion and easy striking/restricting.

Applications :

Pump cases, Impellers, Gears, Sprockets, Engine heads, Rope drums, Machine bodies, CI dies, Correcting of machine errors on castings. Joining all kinds of Cast iron, Cast iron to steel, Monel, Copper or Copper alloys. For building up noncorrosive surface of Nickel on Cast iron parts.