Electrode for Creep Resisting Steel Alpha 102


Characteristics :

ALPHA 102 is a basic coated, low hydrogen electrode for welding high tensile steel with good notch toughness. The electrode is easy to operate on both DC (+) as well as AC70. The electrode displays a smooth arc, medium penetration, and least spatter with an easily removable slag. The welds are of radiographic quality. Deposition efficiency is 110% approx.

Applications :

The good notch toughness makes electrode suitable for enclosed joint welding of rail and for cladding on rail. The electrode is suitable for welding ‘CONCOR’ wagon type applications of the Indian Railways. Typical applications include fabrication of components made of Steels to IS: 8500-91Gr540B, 5740B, 590B, IS: 2002-92Gr3, IS: 1875- 92 Class 3A or Similar.