Electrode for High Tensile Low Alloy Steel ALPHA 11018 M


Characteristics :

Alpha 11018-M is a basic coated, extra low-hydrogen type electrode specially suited for Welding low alloy high tensile steels, Q & T steels like Welten 80, USS T1 , SA 517 Grades and their equivalents. The extra low-hydrogen Contents ensure complete freedom from hydrogen induced cracking in the weld deposit. The weld deposit also displays good impact strength at sub-zero temperatures down to minus 500C. The electrode operates with ease in all positions.

Applications :

Suitable for welding of low alloy high tensile steels, Nickel steels, Ni-Moly steels, steels such as T-1, NA-XTRA, 70, HY100, Q2(N), boilers, pressure vessels, Penstocks ,earth moving equipment and welding of high tensile fine grained steels, NA XTRA 80 etc.