Characteristics :

ALPHA HARD-600(LH) is Medium heavy coated, low hydrogen, air hardening type hard facing electrode. It gives non-machinable hard deposits of 600 BHN. The low hydrogen coating enables its use on high carbon/sulphur steels without under bead cracking or porosity. It yields hard surface deposits, resistant to heavy-abrasion and moderate impact. When a heavy deposit is required, the initial and intermediate layers may be deposited with Alpha-7016 using Alpha Hard 600 (LH) for final two or three layers.

Applications :

Hot & cold punching dies, Oil expellers, Worms, Pan mixer blades, Dredger bucket lips, Drill bits, Caterpillar threads, Punches, Dies, Dipper teeth, Disintegrator Hammers, Sprockets, Cane & Bamboo cutting knives etc.