Low Hydrogen Electrodes For Mild ALPHA 7018-1


Characteristics :

Alpha 7018-1 is a heavy coated all position .low hydrogen electrodes producing a tough & ductile weld metal for welding heavy rigid structure subject to dynamic loading and heavy impact. The weld metal is of radiography quality and displays good impact strength at subzero temperature down to minus 45 0C.

Applications :

Structural steels, Low alloy steels, Low temperature steels, High carbon steels, Rails, Wagons, Bridges, Boilers, Pressure vessels, Tanks, Ship-building, Cranes, Machine building, for joining seals, speed rings and spiral casings of turbines, joining alloy steels such as Si-Mn, heat treated steels containing Ni up to 1.0%. For heavy joints under restraint and subject to dynamic loading.