Stainless Steel Electrodes ALPHA 310


Characteristics :

ALPHA 310 is a heavy coated, rutile based electrode for welding of 25/20 Cr/Ni stainless steels. The electrode is designed for high temperature applications where greater stability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are required. The weld deposit can stand up-to 11500C. in continuous service. The electrode gives smooth arc, least spatter, easily removable slag and radiographic quality welds.

Applications :

For welding AISI 309, 310, Cladding side of stainless clad steels, Straight chrome steels, Gas turbine combustion chamber parts, High temperature furnace parts, Hydrogenation plants. For joining dissimilar steels, Mild Steel to Stainless Steel, Harden able steels such as Automobile springs, broken dies and tools etc.